Rigid Soft Case


Design by Tyler Folsom

The Bike Friday travel system using a hard case works great when you are flying in and out of the same city and have a base at which to keep the suitcase. For extended tours or open jaw air routing, the trailer system is less than ideal. I have done three tours with a trailer and don't like it.

I have come up with an exciting alternative solution.

It is a soft case with a rigid aluminum frame. The bicycle luggage rack stays attached when packing. In fact, the luggage rack forms part of the suitcase frame and thus keeps the bike solidly positioned and protected. When biking, the other members of the suitcase frame assemble into a 22x17x10" saddle bag that sits on top of the luggage rack.

I have built prototypes and used them for touring in Europe.

Click for Original Design

Click for As-Built and pictures of the prototypes