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“You also need a high polyphrenic nature. You cannot  just be this boring ego. Ego is but one image of the multiple images of the psyche. If you are stuck in one way, you are not stuck in another… You are polymorphous perverse You are not schizophrenic; you are polyphrenic.  Indigenous people understand this. You cannot with a limited encapsulated ego hope to solve anything except in a limited encapsulated way…  The vision may not be in the same old, same old persona. Switch persona; bring up the other one. The other one has a freedom, a delight, an insouciance and an ebullience that your little local self does not have... Play upon the polyphrenia of your nature… The ancients were serving multiple modes of the psyche. …  Move from patriarchy to partnership; from dominance by one economic group or culture to circular investedness, and cross the great divide of otherness.”

- Jean Houston, in Conference on Sacred Activism, May 11-14, 2006, Lynnwood, WA


We are at a crucial phase of history.  Linear thinking has brought us a long list of technical marvels including air travel, television and vaccines. There is much about it that is good, but we must not only be in linear mode.  Most people are profoundly unhappy leading a work life whose only goal is to acquire money and power for the corporation.  We want to live for something more fulfilling and more fun.  People who feel this way are a plurality and when politicians start listening to us, things will change very rapidly.  We want a sustainable environment, good schools, affordable health care, critical news coverage, and authentic leaders.  We want to leave this planet a better place for our children.


The survival of the planet may depend on a switch from a dominator to a cooperator society.  This is something that women tend to do better than men.  The issues affecting survival are feminist issues, which have only become part of the public agenda in the last few decades.  That is a very short time considering that patriarchy has been dominant for millennia.  To remind myself of women’s wisdom, I have switched to an androgynous style of dress.  There is nothing demeaning about appearing feminine.  Older women are showing the planet the path to survival.


The recorded talks from the Seattle Sacred Activism Conference carry no copyright, so I am making them available on this web site.  The conference was hosted by Wisdom University, so be sure to check out their web site.  Send them a contribution.


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Jim Garrison


JG1, JG2, JG3


Deborah Jones


DJ1, DJ2


Sheley Secrest

A Contemporary Look at Urban Concerns

SS1, SS2, SS3, SS4


Cindy Sheehan

Stop the War in Iraq

CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CS7, CS8


Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Environment and the Future of America

RK1, RK2, RK3, RK4, RK5, RK6, RK7, RK8, RK9, RK10, RK11, RK12, RK13


Carolyn Myss

The Sacred Activist

CM1, CM2


Jean Houston

Re-Imagining the Future

JH1, JH2, JH3, JH4, JH5, JH6, JH7, JH8, JH9, JH10, JH11, JH12


Kathianne Lewis

Sacred Activism in a World Where Little is Held Sacred

KL1, KL2, KL3, KL4, KL5, KL6, KL7, KL8, KL9


Dr. Bill Grace

The Promise of Deep Hope

BG1, BG2, BG3, BG4, BG5, BG6, BG7, BG8, BG9


Dr. Jack Sullivan Jr

Overcoming Chaotic Compartmentalism

JS1, JS2, JS3, JS4, JS5, JS6, JS7, JS8


Walter Link

The Wisdom Civilization

WL1, WL2, WL3, WL4, WL5, WL6, WL7, WL8, WL9, WL10


Michael Lerner

A New Covenant with America

ML1, ML2, ML3, ML4, ML5, ML6, ML7, ML8, ML9, ML10


Paul Ray

A New Political Compass for America

PR1, PR2, PR3, PR4, PR5, PR6, PR7, PR8, PR9


Barbara Marx Hubbard

New Modalities for Social Change

BH1, BH2, BH3, BH4, BH5, BH6, BH7


Marianne Williamson

Intersection of Spirit & Action

MW1, MW2, MW3, MW4, MW5



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Updated October 15, 2006